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Our story…

… funky and fun!

Our funky shop started in 2015 as a weekend books and collectibles shop behind the Shoe Vault in Canungra’s main street. After two years of learning, listening and experimenting, shooing the possums out, and visiting bookshops around Australia and the world, it was time to move on…. 

We had always had our eye on this delightful Queenslander, it just felt like it was made to be a bookshop and we were fortunate enough to finally obtain a lease which commenced on April Fool’s Day 2017!

We are still learning, listening and experimenting!! We may not get rich but we have fun. We hope we have reinvented the feeling of the old bookshop in a new way – we want people to come in and feel like they have found a retreat, a haven to discover, to enter a different world for a few minutes or a few hours. To walk through a door of discovery …

We have fun combining the things we love: books, music, art, artisan’s beautiful hand-crafted goodies, vintage clothing, the unusual and the rare – things that are primarily good for the soul and made with integrity and love..


Our core is books – great books, good books, from the very old to the latest. We delight in having a collection that is fun to explore, to discover, and to find favourites and gems. Our collections of Australiana, children’s classics, vintage sci-fi, antiquarian, rare, classics and golden oldies sit alongside the best contemporary fiction and non-fiction and coffee table books, with Australian authors a strong focus and spirituality, new age and mind, body and soul taking major shelf space. 

While we are primarily a so-called “second-hand” bookshop, with some books that have the “feel” of being passed down carefully through generations, many of our books are “as new” and we also promote and sell new books by local authors with a top range of their brand new books, including children’s. 

Yes, we accept books and buy books, but we are fussy – we like to keep our collection tight! However we do have thousands of great books waiting to be sorted and find their place on our shelves. 


We carry a great range of Australian made gift cards by local artists and from the Sydney company, Blue Island Press who produce beautiful archive-paper art cards. 

We have wonderful original art by local artists including top Murwillumbah artist Pamella Timmers and Maleny artist Heather Jones. Plus a selection of vintage art. We also stock a range of prints by popular artists including Margaret Olley, Norman Lindsay and others.

Art calendars are a feature at the end/beginning of each year.


We carry a quality range with a focus on 60’s and 70’s Blues, Jazz and Rock, but with a wide selection including earlier great Jazz LP’s, classical, and more.

Yes, we buy LPs. 


We love supporting local artisans’ to promote their work. We have hand-crafted clothing, textiles, pottery, jewellery, millinery and more by some of the best local Artisans. 

We also sell a limited range of hand-crafted statues and lanterns purchased through a reputable agent who buys directly from village Artisans in Bali. 


As a collector of hand-woven fabrics from around the world, we also carry a few select pieces of hand-woven fabrics from Indonesia and South-East Asia.


We can’t help ourselves, we are always finding space for the unusual, be it an old collectible, a vintage piece of pottery, an unusual garden ornament …. the “whatevers” are given the spare corners wherever we can find them. You never know what you might discover in a corner. 


We do carry a good collection of jigsaw puzzles and games, including Wasjigs. Vintage chess sets come and go quickly!